The story behind Jökla cream liqueur

The owners of Jökla are the couple  Pétur Pétursson and Sigríður Sigurðardóttir.  Pétur is a dairy technician and a sincere fan of the Icelandic cow breed and their products. The idea for the first Icelandic

cream liqueur came to him when he had dinner at an Italian farm where the farmer produced his own cream liqueur.

The recipe took years to perfect, but finally, in 2021 the final product was launched. 

The story behind Jökla cream liqueur
JÖkla in the making

The Beginning

The idea forms in Italy


Product developement

The recipe took years to perfect. No thickeners are used in the production and fresh Icelandic ingredients that would otherwise be discarded.


Production Process

Locally produced with fresh  Icelandic cream.


Trademark registation


Product launch

Jökla finally available in stores!